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graphics all the way

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real name : Dynta
as known as : Magu
age : 17 years old .. counting
country : indonesia
i speak with bahasa indonesia and english only (or sometimes i try my japanese). but i'm sorry , sometimes my english was so terrible especially on grammar, cause i'm 100% asian lol
i'm a welcome person and love making friends. i'll always respect on you if you don't bother me.
loves & influences
influence :
1. PHOTOGRAPHY. for me , camera is one of the honest-things in this fake-world.
2. JAPAN. everything about it. japan inspirating me a lot.
3. KOREA. although i was in the under influence of japan, so was korean.
4. ART. my dad and grandma do it too. so i has been growing up in the circle of art.
love :
1. family and friends
2. PRETTY LOOKING BOYS , esp. my cutest ever koike TEPPEI . and the real edward cullen , choi SIWON lol
3. dark chocolate and green tea
4. INTERNET , it keeps me more up to date :)
5. super junior KRY. i love their voices so much. especially yesung's. the voices keep me warm :))
6. PHOTOSHOP. my partner while working ;)
1. RAISIN , i hate it soo muuuch :(
2. big mouth people
3. EIJI WENTZ , cause he always trying to flirt with my teppei lol
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